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Kozierok, Charles M. The TCP/IP Guide: A Comprehensive, Illustrated Internet Protocols Reference. No Starch Press. 2005. ISBN-10: 159327047X ISBN-13: 978-1593270476

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Class 1:

TCP/IP guide introduction

Networking fundamentals

(Chapter 1-4)


Class 2

The Open System Interconnection (OSI) reference model

(Chapter 5-7)


Class 3

TCP/IP Protocol Suite and Architecture

TCP/IP Lower-Layer (Interface, Internet and Transport) Protocols (OSI Layers 2, 3 and 4) section(s) TCP/IP Network Interface Layer (OSI Data Link Layer) Protocols

(Chapter 8-12)


Class 4

TCP/IP Network Interface/Internet layer connection Protocols

Internet Protocol Versions, Concepts and Overview

IPv4 Addressing concepts and Issues

(Chapter 13-16)


Class 5

IP “Classful” (Conventional) Addressing

IP Subnet Addressing (“Subnetting”) Concepts

IP Subnetting: Practical Subnet Design and Address Determination Example

IP Classless Addressing: Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) / “Supernetting”

(Chapter 17-20)


Class 6

IP Datagram Encapsulation and Formatting

IP Datagram Size, Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU), Fragmentation and Reassembly

IP Datagram Delivery and Routing

IP Multicasting

IPv6 Overview, Changes and Transition

(Chapter 21-24)


Class 7

IPv6 Addressing

IPv6 Datagram Encapsulation and Formatting

IPv6 Datagram Size, Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU), Fragmentation and Reassembly

IPv6 Datagram Delivery and Routing

(Chapter 25-27)


Class 8

IP Network Address Translation (NAT) Protocol

IP Security (IPSec) Protocols

Internet Protocol Mobility Support (Mobile IP)

(Chapter 28-30)


Class 9

ICMP, not including IPv6 neighbor discovery

(Chapter 31-35)


Class 10

TCP/IP routing Protocols

(Chapter 37-41)


Class 11

TCP and UDP Overview and Role In TCP/IP

TCP/IP Transport Layer Protocol (TCP and UDP) Addressing: Ports and Sockets

TCP/IP User Datagram Protocol (UDP)

TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)

TCP Overview, Functions and Characteristics

TCP Fundamentals and General Operation

(Chapter 42-46)


Class 12

TCP Basic Operation: Connection Establishment, Management and Termination

TCP Message Formatting and Data Transfer

TCP Reliability and Flow Control Features and Protocol Modifications

Summary Comparison of TCP/IP Transport Layer Protocols (UDP and TCP)

(Chapter 46-49)


Class 13

DNS (Name Systems and TCP/IP Name Registration and Name Resolution)

(Chapter 50-57 (Skip Chapter 58 – NFS))


Class 14

DHCP/BOOTP (Host Configuration and TCP/IP Host Configuration Protocols (BOOTP and DHCP))

(Chapter 59-64)


Class 15

TCP/IP Application Layer Addressing: Uniform Resource Identifiers, Locators and Names (URIs, URLs and URNs)

TCP/IP World Wide Web (WWW, “The Web”) and the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

(Chapter 70, 79-84)


Class 16