So, I finally decided to actually do the GSE and stop talking about it. I’m not starting these posts at the beginning of my studies. I’m Actually about ¼ of where I want to be. I’m debating keeping these posts offline until the certification has been completed. . . I don’t like posting failures to a place that can be as permanent as the Internet.

Today is the day after submitting for (and getting) approval to take the pre-qualification test.   SANS is calling it the ‘multiple choice portion’ of the GSE. I didn’t know that the score on multiple-choice test would be combined with the score on the lab portion.   It seems that having a great score on the Multiple Choice Portion can lift the overall grade – very handy in case I don’t do so great on one of the labs.

Let’s see. I’m planning on taking the lab in March. That gives me about 6 months to take (and pass with a good grade) the written portion then study for the labs. It’s a bit aggressive (most people seem to want to take about a year), but I think I can do it.

So far, I have gone through ½ of 503 (Intrusion Analysis) and indexing it again. I recently took the 504 class and certification, so I’m not planning on going through that material for the test (although I’m listening to the lecture in my car). After I finish 503, I’ll get the 501 (Security Essentials) course material and index that again.


The plan is to take the indexes and books from 501, 503 and 504 along with the Blueteam and Redteam handbooks to the test.


I should being a dolly with me.


And I have a lot of reading to do.


The testing center better have space!