[had a post for Nov 26 – lost it due to a computer crash while watching a youtube video on Clash of Clans. . . CURSE YOU GAME ADDICTION!!!!!]


Completed indexes, including SANS GCIA (503) workbook (that thing is a monster). Saved them, made a copy, sorted them, verified the term, page number, and any notes all line up. This may sound goofy, but one thing to double-check before going to a SANS test: verify your index is correct before you take any GIAC test! Why make such a silly statement? Because I happen to know someone who didn’t verify their index before they went to the test. On Question 2 they realized that something was horribly wrong; when they sorted the index, they only sorted the term and page columns, not the book column. Sucks right? Yeaahhh, ok – it was me. . . That was on the GPEN exam I took last year. Thankfully, I knew the material well, had tabs in the books for major topics, and still managed a good grade.

Oh, and tabs – put tabs in your books for major topics. I also sometimes put tabs along the top for major tools. Yes, I go through colored tabs frequently.


Anyway – the final index is 150+ pages, so I put that in a three-ring binder. Yes, I made an index with over 6500 entries for SANS 504, 503, and 401. Also going in there: the various cheat sheets, and all those pretty header diagrams from SANS 503.


Oh, and I just pillaged the GSE Google docs repository. Some good stuff in there, but I’m not going to print off the 50+ manpage references. . . now that I say that. . . maybe I shoul. . .NO!!! I’m not gonna do it. . . nooooooo.


This is getting a little sad at this point – I’m listening to SANS recordings instead of music. Hour long drive to work? You can fit a session in each way. Going to the grocery store? That’s 15min. Putting the final index together? You should really re-listen to GCIH 504 Day 2 (currently on hour 3, Maltego – and reconnaissance. You did the lab, right?).


Oh. . format string vulnerabilities – I still don’t get that. (504.3 p164-180)