Felt pretty crappy today, so I stayed home to rest. One of the things I’ve saved till last is the SANS 503 Intrusion Detection In-Depth workbook. It’s big.

The only non-workbook. . . book I have left is SANS Security Essentials 401.5 (The Windows day). Now to start getting all the indexes in one place. The question is – do I combine them into one master index of SANS 401, 503 & 504 or keep them all separate? Probably both, just to be safe. I’ll be bringing a stack of books over a foot high to the testing center. . .what’s another ¼ inch?

One other thing – I need to get organized. I’ve left various SANS books, CDs and cheat-sheets here and there. Now getting everything organized and figuring out what’s the newest version has taken over an hour to do.   Ugh.